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So, today at warped tour, we got there at about 12 due to traffic. I went and i seen issues, and after that my friend Taylor and i got a map. I was super stoked to see Of Mice and Men had a signing. When I got there, they were out of the tickets you had to have to meet him and sign it. Of course when they walked past me in the tent i fangirled, and then I started bawling. Austin seen me and smiled and waved, and I still stood there, and he kept making eye contact. Out of the blue one of the security guards came up to me and handed me a poster that was signed “Austin Carlile
Smile  xo”
I started bawling from happiness and squealing.
After that, during the concert i was in the very front of the crowd ans when his eyes met mine and he seen the biggest smile grow across my face, he smiled and pointed at me. 
Austin is such an inspiration and amazing person. Today was a dream come true.. 

#OfMiceandMen #AustinCarlile #WarpedTour

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